i love pink hair

*the messed-up up girl that everybody tries to hide*

*Updated 5.19.00* {my b-day's on 5//31...yay!} Aloha, it's 'ShinkA. I play bass. I draw. I go to concerts. I love my friends' & bf's band Limited Identity! I got my nose, bellybutton, & ears pierced. I'm a proud sXe! Right now my hair's short, red, & spikey. I LOVE MTX! Special Effects is the best hair dye! I *LOVE* Lookout! Records. icq#62679700 {i'm like never on...} AIM: BouncinShinkA, KittiePunk, GlammmPunk ~*Me&MyFriends*~ This is my favourite ring. *warped tour*7*22*99*
*das pope's meaty balls*

*me & my bf mark*
*spikey red hair*

*If ur a pimp & u know it clap ur hands*