These are pictures from concerts I went to...enjoy! *PANSY DIVISION @ Nautica 7/94 I think* PD are so crazy! *MOIST @ 103.3 Labour Day Picnic 9/3/97* Mark Makoway Jeff, Kevin, & David Usher Mark Makoway & David Usher David Usher *OUR LADY PEACE @ Lupo's 10/17/97* Mike & Duncan, in front of a Buddy Holly painting Raine singin "Karma Police" @ the soundcheck Raine & me after watchin Dream Theatre *ECONOLINE CRUSH @ The Warehouse 11/7/97* Trevor & me *GREEN DAY @ the Phoenix 11/19/97* me, Tré, & JinX Mike Dirnt me, Mike, & JinX *OUR LADY PEACE @ Maple Leaf Gardens 1/17/98* Moe, me, Jer, & Sunday Highway, Raine, & me Moe, Raine, me, & Sunday Moe, me, Mike, & Sunday Duncan, Moe, me, & Sunday *GREEN DAY @ ECC 5/14/98* Jinx, Tré, me, & a mysterious black hole *EDGEfest 98 @ Molson Park 7/1/98* Trevor performing * Jinx, Dave Grohl, & me Jinx, Taylor Hawkins, & me Jinx, Trevor, & me Jinx, David Usher, & me Tré Cool settin his drums on fire Tré drummin away Jinx, Tré, Taylor, & me me, Mike Dirnt, & JinX me, Billie Joe, & JinX *MR. T EXPERIENCE @ Fisherman's Wharf, San Fran 7/4/98* Joel Reader Dr. Frank Jym!!! Joel & me Jym, me, & Dr. Frank *SUMMERSAULT 98 @ Molson Park 8/23/98* Sunday, Shirley Manson, & me Sunday, me, & Bill Wylechka Shirley Manson & Bill Wylechka Me, Butch Vig, & Sunday Duncan, me, Sunday, & Jeremy Taggart Me, Mike, & Sunday the fire eater Shirley Manson on stage *CARAMEL/ECONOLINE CRUSH @ the Warehouse 9/26/98* Cyd & Andy Cyd (Andy's daughter) & me Trevor Hurst on stage *GOO GOO DOLLS @ Penn State 11/9/98* Me, Sunday, Robbie, Mike, brister, my cousin, Johnny, & Nora *ECONOLINE CRUSH @ the MMA 11/29/98* me & Trevor chillin on das couches Robbie, me, Trev, & Ziggy in das shower ***© Bob Mussel*** *FUEL @ Water Street, 1/21/99* Brett looking evil *THE TRAGICALLY HIP @ MMA 2/10/99* Gord Downie & Sunday Me, Gord D, & Sunday Gord lookin at a pic that Sunday drew for him Sunday & Rob Sunday, Gord Sinclair, & moi Sunday, Johnny, & me Sunday, Paul, & me Paul playin hockey before the show Gord Downie playin hockey too *THE LIVING END @ ECC 3/8/99* Scott, Trav, me, & Jaded on TLE's tourbus *ECONOLINE CRUSH @ the Tralf 3/27/99* Trevor, a *great* pic Trevor, arms out Trevor, hands on mic Trevor, pointing Trevor, side view *GOO GOO DOLLS @ Warner Theatre 5/9/99* me & Robbie *WARPED TOUR 99 @ LaSalle Park 7/22/99* (Pic marked w/a * is from *VERUCA*) Chris Cheney of The Living End* me, Chris Cheney, & Jaded me, Scott Owen, & Jaded Jaded, Trav, & me Sandy, Travis Barker, & Jen Tom DeLonge peekin outta blink's bus JinX, Bryan (Bouncing Souls), & me Jaded, Pete (BS), & me Greg of Bouncing Souls onstage Chris&Scott {TLE} (from *GOO GOO DOLLS @ Finger Lakes 8/28/99* Me w/Robbie Goo, licking a bottle of *KiSs* wine! *ECONOLINE CRUSH/MOBY @ LaSalle Park 8/29/99* (Pix marked w/a * are from *VERUCA*) Dan Yaremko...NICE pic! Trevor performing #1* Trevor #2* Trevor #3* Trevor #4* Trevor #5* Trevor #6* Trevor up close* Trevor smilin' for the camera* Ziggy, Trevor & Dan signing autographs* Lins, Ziggy, & me Moby Me, Moby, & Lins *STEP LIVELY @ Showplace Theatre 9/19/99* Bean, Mark SL, & me *WIDE MOUTH MASON @ Rich Stadium 10/10/99* Shaun Verrault Earl Pereira Safwan Javed *MEXICAN CESSION @ Showplace 10/23/99* I LOVE to skank to Mex Cession ...w/crazy friggin horns! O~yeah! *OUR LADY PEACE @ Showplace Theatre 11/17/99* Raine Maida Raine hangin on his mic Raine singin closeup of Raine Raine playin guitar Raine playin guitar again Raine makin a weird face! Raine...again Mike Turner *KITTIE @ Showplace Theatre 12/10/99* (taken by me & MOK) Morgan tuning her backup geetar & Talena chillin around Morgan crouched down & singin Morgan singin & playin geetar ;} Morgan under some shot Morgan playin guitar Fallon playin guitar Fallon again Talena playin bass Talena lookin off in the distance Talena lookin at the camera Fallon posin for me backstage *KITTIE* on a couch backstage Another couch shot Chris, Talena, Morgan, me, Mercedes, Fallon, Lindsay, Sunday, & Mok Mok, me, Mercedes, & Sunday Mercedes & Madd Dogg Lindsay & Fallon Mercedes, Lins, Mok, Fallon, me, & Morgan Mercedes, Mok, Talena, Morgan, & me Morgan w/her leg up on the speaker Morgan jumpin...kinda Morgan & Mercedes @ the soundcheck b&w of Mercedes drummin Talena chillin on Morgan backstage the setlist from that nite
*DINKUS 9/CREEPIN' IN @ Showplace Theatre 1/8/99* Dinkus9 ...they even got horns! Creepin In *LIMITED IDENTITY/FIGURE/SPUNK @ Showplace Theatre 1/22/00* Mark playin Rob playin Mark wearin a helmet & goggles Rob & Mark Marky LI & me Marky LI & Scott from Nobody's Hero Scott, Mark&Julie Figure boys Spunk *NOBODYS HERO/ONE LAST CHANCE/STEMM @ Basement Bar 2/13/00* John from NH NH: Aaron, Scott, & John One Last Chance OLC again Stemm *LIMITED IDENTITY @ East Aurora American Legion 3/3/00* Mark Mark again Jason Kyle Mok doin "the pancake song" Mok *PLUS ONES/SMUGGLERS @ Mohawk Place 3/19/00* Joel Reader Joel singin again Dan Panic Dan's Drums Scotty Hay Scott again Me & Joel Dan & Me w/the rose from the Smugglers in our mouths!! Dan & Jaded Jaded & Joel the Plus Ones' setlist my signed Plus Ones shirt Grant Smuggler showing Buffalo pride some Smugglers! Jaded & Nick Smuggler Grant Smuggler & Jaded *KITTIE/SLIPKNOT @ The Warehouse 4/7/00* {by me & mok} Morgan Morgan again another one of Morgan Morgan & Mok Kittie live Slipknot on stage *NOBODYS HERO/SWITCH 86 @ Showplace 4/8/00* John & the crowd Johnny Hero John again Rob Scotty...who needs boy bands? Scott & Rob Tom from Switch 86 Switch 86 *LIMITED IDENTITY/ONE LAST CHANCE @ Sideshow 4/15/00* Mark maken a Billie Joe-ish face Mark Mark & Madd Dogg...LOL Mark & Tator Tator's weird fireman pants!! Kyle Tator & Kyle One Last Chance *I MOTHER EARTH @ Showplace Theatre 4/27/00* Bryan & Bruce Bruce Bryan Bryan agian Christian & Bryan Bryan singin Jag singin Jag again *MUSTARD PLUG @ Showplace Theatre 4/29/00* Mustard Plug *KITTIE @ Redrocks 5/7/00* {taken by me & Jen} Morgan lookin' mean Morgan leaning back Morgan & her perdy flying-v Morgan Pointing Morgan again Mercedes & Morgan Mercedes Fallon & Morgan Fallon Fallon yet again Fallon looking sideways Talena Talena again Mercedes Morgan, Mr.Lander, & Fallon Fallon chillen' the huge stage autographs Jenn&Dria w/Kittie Kittie got a plaque for playen here KBPI interview Fallon, Ari from Artemis, & Talena Fallon, Talena, & Morgan Jen, Kittie & Dria Kittie w/the award again Talena & Mercedes chillen Talena watchen Bush Talena writing on the wall Fallon, Morgan, me, Mercedes & Talena {{bad pic}} ~*THE MANSION*~...main site,
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