~*~*AløhA, & welcome to the Island of PoGo-PoGo!*~*~

This is Shinka (the Goddess of PoGo-PoGo). Check out some of these rad places!

Amphigory, *the* place for all your wild accessories, dye & makeup
Special Effects...the best-n-funkiest hair dye you'll ever use!
Interpunk.com, a HUGE store w/EVERYTHING you could possibly want!!
CINDER BLOCK, da best clothes ever!
Cons are the best shoes ever!
Make your match w/the Pimpin' Cupid
So, how rotten *are* you?
How insane are you?
When/how will you die?
The Dancing Cow Page
The Dancing Hamster Page
Yerf, furries at their best
Easily Amused??
Cheat on your foreign language projects w/Alta-Vista Translations!
the Online Slang Dictionary
the Infamous Exploding Whale
Bonne Belle, for all u Lip-Smacker addicts!
Pollstar will find you most of your fave bands' tour dates.
Survey Central has some interesting surveys for all you survey junkies!

Kitty Katty is Flower's creation from SanFranSassy, CA!