Hey there, this is a site for all my great buddies. It's NOT in any special order,

I'm jus gonna put the ones w/sites 1st. I love u all.

*SUNDAY* has been my best friend since kindergarten, & now we're in 10th grade. Check out the artwork on her :: NEW :: site, as well as her RHCP obsession! & don't forget the cool photos...they're kikckarse.

*JADED* is one of my bestest buddies. We started being friends when a bird shat on us : : LOL : : Go visit her page cos it's awesome (she wanted publicity)...socks, stocks, socks, stocks! what staplegun??

*CORPSE* Hey kid I haven't really talked to ya much since lately, & you wanted to be re-shout out-ed so here u go!! Everyone check out this site & see some weird shite!!

*JINX* I'm so glad we got everything starightened out!! Me & JinX have been thru SOO much together in the past, & then we thought we hated eachother, I'm so glad that's over. Hamburgers, stick, elephant man just to name a few, ya 10-second mammy!! checkyalata

*FLOWBEE* is a skankin' beast at sKa shows...I hardly ever see him anymore, cos he's busy...but *MUSTARD PLUG* IS COMIN!!! Also, check out his up-&-comin webzine!

*VERUCA* is one of my bestest online buddies. Check out her site & her Econoline, Hole & Goo obsessions! I finally het her, at the supposed BOUNCING SOULS show, they cancelled, & it sucked, but it was all good!

*MADD DOGG* is one crazy kid let me tell ya. Hehe we have a blast together. Hehe, he has to put up w/my hyperness if he wants me to scan all his sxhit! hehe...WE ALL HATE NEWT! Check out his band Boss Tribal...

*MARK* my bf...plays geetar & sings for *LIMITED IDENTITY*, who are a semi-local punky 3-piece...They're on Mp3.com...He also owns After The Fact Records...who I'm making artwork for...check it out. I WANT YOUR FECIUMS!!!

*KITTIE* Heya, Morgan, Mercedes, Fallon & Talena!! I know you've seen this site, so...here's a shoutout!! I'm promoting u grrrlz like mad...well, checkya all lata, kids!

*JERRY* is an awesome crazy kid...he even coloured his nipples black at warped tour! Get better from ur ruptured appendixxx! PIZZA IN THE CEILING & ARTIFICIALLY FLAVOURED ASS! GERTIE is one strrrange old lady! Seal!!

*BEN*Well, I don't know ya, considering ya live in Alabama, ya crazy hick! But ur awesome. Ur site's cool as hell (w/the help o my pixxx thanxxx very much, hehe) So, shoutout to u!

*AARON*...yes, I ripped off ur name!!! Uhm, well u wanted a full-page shoutout/ tribute, but I don't got that kinda time...so this'll have to do, u crazy bastard!! Former P9B member/bassist for Nobody's Hero

*DAN* is one of my very best friends...he plays bass in the Urethra Frannklins now, so check em out! I love ya lots, even thogh ya are messed up >;}~*! ~downwind, fake flowers, ebonics, hash brownie girl scout~ ::lol::

*JULES* has been one of my real close friends since 8th grade...MINT TING-A-LING RULES!! She loves U2 & the Cure...& Dixon Ward...and CANADIANS!! I LOVE YOU!!!! In the words of Jenna, "I h8 Limp Bizkit!"...Mr. Moonan says "CHIT!"

*BEAN* is yet another great buddie...she's "ma petite haricot orange"...Beanie-Weanie's a lil raver sKa grrrlie!! Mr. Harper sucked but hey, if we did't have French 2gether last year, we might not be friends;{ THERE ARE NO CHOICE D'S! ~*P.L.U.R*~ wuv vu!

*SANDY* hmm, she's obsessed w/Blink 182 & LOVES the Hippo's!! We've been best friends since last year...the Clown, & the Zoo!!! We even got through a whole year w/o Rod eating us! Well, I'm always here through everything, so much luv to ya! ~*RED SPARKLES*~

*DAWN* is an awesome chickie...we've known each other since 3rd grade...she's one of my artist friends...hey remember "Slippery When Wet"?? Hehe. Dawn loves Joe 4e...stay cool man.

*MIKA* Hey hey Mikachu! We're stuck in the same French class again!! Mr. Maher sux...oh well we're makin the best of it...but now we got moved, damn! try not to get many "trente minutes!" Hehe, stealin feathers...

*MEGAN* Cough cough, *, I cut my leg on the liscense plate...too bad we haven't had any classes 2gether since 8th grade...i miss ya, ur always busy...I hope u & Adam are all good...well, check ya l8r!

*MARIA* She's just awesome...retarbid rt!!! I finally found someone else who luvs The Hip, MGB, OLP etc etc as much as I do ;} AND we can bitch aboot Mr. Maher all we want ;} TOUCH DAVE'S BUM!!! YOU ARE *NOT* THE QUEEN OF BINGE DRINKING!~*

*MOK* Hehe, well we ALL love MOK!! We even dedicated a page to him!...but anyways. WE'RE GONNA HAVE LUNCH FOR AN HOUR...LOL. Check-ya lata, kiddo!

*LAUREN* Well, r band thingie never worked out but maybe some day...but anyways. yello bathing-suit grrrl...BOX NAZI-BRSITER! WE'RE GONNA HAVE LUNCH FOR AN HOUR...LOL. Remember u tried to swallow a pill in that tater tot once last year in lunch, lol?? Check-ya lata, kiddo!

*MAGGIE* Well, we've had some perdy crazy fucked up times eh?? "I'M A LESBIAN"...remember how mad the BN got?? hehehe. Did Dan ever sing ur song for ya?? Well, I will..."Maggie, u c**t, Maggie, u c**t!" ~ExPlOiTeD...cya l8a kid!

*CHRIS* Here's another one o my boiz. Hehe we raise hell @ concerts, dis Newt cos HE F**KIN SUXXX...hehe. Well cya lata kid!

*DEMISE* Heya, so I finally met ya! That was weird! For some reason i had a premonission er sumthin...heard ya got ur tongue pierced. Well, ttyl...ciao!

*LINDSAY* Heya, grrrlie! I live in a pizza box down in the ghetto of Buffalo, lol. ~the boi who likes bein spanked w/rubba kitchen gloves, lol~ All the shoe-string liccorice! yeah! Well, ciao, loveya.

~*The Mansion*~